portly (adj.)
stately, majestic, dignified
1H4 I.iii.13 [Worcester to King Henry] that same greatness ... which our own hands / Have helped to make so portly
1H4 II.iv.412 [Falstaff (as King) to Prince Hal, of himself] A goodly portly man
MV I.i.9 [Salerio to Antonio] your argosies with portly sail
MW I.iii.57 [Falstaff to Nym and Pistol, of Page's wife] Sometimes the beam of her view gilded ... my portly belly
Per I.iv.61 [Lord to Cleon] We have descried ... / A portly sail of ships
RJ I.v.66 [Capulet to Tybalt, of Romeo] 'A bears him like a portly gentleman
TC IV.v.162 [Hector to Ajax, of Achilles] mine own searching eyes / Shall find him by his large and portly size