perforce (adv.) 2
of necessity, with no choice in the matter
1H6 II.iv.115 [Richard to all] How I am braved and must perforce endure it!
2H4 I.i.165 [Morton to Northumberland] your health, the which, if you give o'er / To stormy passion, must perforce decay
2H4 I.iii.72 [Hastings to Lord Bardolph, of the King's army] one power against the French; / And one against Glendower; perforce a third / Must take up us
2H4 III.i.101 [Warwick to King Henry IV] these unseasoned hours perforce must add / Unto your sickness
2H4 IV.v.35 [Prince Henry to sleeping King Henry IV] Did he suspire, that light and weightless down / Perforce must move
AC III.iv.6 [Antony to Octavia, of Caesar] when perforce he could not / But pay me terms of honour, cold and sickly / He vented them
AC V.i.37 [Caesar as if to Antony] I must perforce / Have shown to thee such a declining day / Or look on thine
Cym III.i.72 [Cymbeline to Lucius, of Caesar] of him I gathered honour, / Which he to seek of me again, perforce, / Behoves me keep at utterance
E3 III.i.182 [Mariner to King John] That we perforce were fain to give them way
H5 [King Henry to Exeter, of sharing his grief] I must perforce compound / With mistful eyes, or they will issue too
H5 V.ii.153 [King Henry to Katherine] he perforce must do thee right, because he hath not the gift to woo in other places
H8 I.ii.47 [Queen Katherine to Wolsey] you frame / Things that are known alike, which are not wholesome / To those which would not know them, and yet must / Perforce be their acquaintance
H8 III.ii.147 [Wolsey to King Henry] nature does require / Her times of preservation, which perforce / I ... / Must give my tendence to
KL I.iv.295 [Lear to Albany] these hot tears which break from me perforce
KL II.i.15 [Edmund alone, of the Duke arriving] This weaves itself perforce into my business
KL IV.ii.35 [Albany to Gonerill] She that herself will sliver and disbranch / From her material sap perforce must wither / And come to deadly use
KL IV.ii.49 [Albany to Gonerill] Humanity must perforce prey on itself
Luc 612 [Lucrece to Tarquin] With foul offenders thou perforce must bear
MND II.ii.137 [Helena to Lysander] Perforce I must confess / I thought you lord of more true gentleness
MND III.ii.90 [Oberon to Puck] Of thy misprision must perforce ensue / Some true love turn
MW III.iv.78 [Fenton to Mistress Page] for that I love your daughter / In such a righteous fashion as I do, / Perforce, against all checks, rebukes, and manners, / I must advance the colours of my love
Oth V.ii.254 [Gratiano to Othello] Thou hast no weapon, and perforce must suffer
R2 V.ii.35 [York to Duchess of York] The hearts of men, they must perforce have melted
R3 I.i.116 [Clarence to Richard, of having patience] I must perforce.
RJ I.v.89 [Tybalt to Capulet] Patience perforce with wilful choler meeting / Makes my flesh tremble in their different greeting
Sonn 133.14 [] I, being pent in thee, / Perforce am thine, and all that is in me
TC I.iii.123 [Ulysses to all] appetite ... / Must make perforce an universal prey, / And last eat up himself
Tem V.i.133 [Prospero to Alonso] I ... require / My dukedom of thee, which perforce, I know, / Thou must restore
Tit II.i.107 [Aaron to Chiron and Demetrius] That what you cannot as you would achieve, / You must perforce accomplish as you may
Tit IV.iii.42 [Publius to Titus] perforce you must needs stay a time
Ven 72 [] Rain added to a river that is rank / Perforce will force it overflow the bank
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