prefer (v.) 1
promote, advance, recommend
1H6 III.i.111 [King to Winchester] who should study to prefer a peace / If holy churchmen take delight in broils?
2H6 IV.vii.67 [Say to rebels] my book preferred me to the King
Cym I.v.63 [Iachimo to Posthumus, of Innogen] You must not so far prefer her
Cym II.iii.130 [Innogen to Cloten] hated / For being preferred so well
Cym II.iii.45 [Queen to Cloten, of Cymbeline] Who lets go by no vantages that may / Prefer you to his daughter
Cym IV.ii.386 [Lucius to disguised Innogen] thine own worth prefer thee
Cym IV.ii.400 [Lucius to disguised Innogen, of Cloten's body] he is preferred / By thee to us
Cym V.v.327 [Belarius to Cymbeline] Ere I arise I will prefer my sons
H8 IV.i.102 [Third Gentleman to First and Second Gentlemen, of Bishop Gardiner] Newly preferred from the King's secretary
JC III.i.28 [Decius to Brutus, of Metellus] Let him go, / And presently prefer his suit to Caesar
JC V.v.62 [Strato to Octavius, of serving him] Ay, if Messala will prefer me to you
LC 280 []that strong bonded oath, / That shall prefer and undertake my troth
MM I.i.54 [Duke to Angelo] Our haste from hence is of so quick condition / That it prefers itself [i.e. makes itself a priority]
MND IV.ii.34 [Bottom to all] our play is preferred
MV II.ii.135 [Bassanio to Launcelot] Shylock ... hath preferred thee
Oth II.i.269 [Iago to Roderigo, of the latter's desires] the means I shall then have to prefer them
Per II.ii.17 [Simonides to Thaisa, of the knights] Who is the first that doth prefer himself?
R3 IV.ii.80 [King Richard to Tyrrel, of killing the Princes] I will ... prefer thee for it
TG II.iv.155 [Valentine to Proteus, of Julia] I will help thee to prefer her too [punning on prefer = 'have a preference for' in previous line]
TG IV.ii.4 [Proteus alone] I have access my own love to prefer
Tim III.v.35 [First Senator to Alcibiades, of a valiant man] [he can] make his wrongs his outsides ... / And ne'er prefer his injuries to his heart
TNK II.ii.82 [Arcite alone, of Emilia] happiness prefer me to a place / Where I may ever dwell in sight of her