puissance (n.)
power, might, force
2H4 I.iii.77 [Archbishop to Hastings, of King Henry] That he should ... come against us in full puissance / Need not be dreaded
2H4 I.iii.9 [Mowbray to Archbishop] To look ... / Upon the power and puissance of the King
2H4 II.iii.52 [Lady Northumberland to Northumberland] fly to Scotland, / Till that the nobles and the armed commons / Have of their puissance made a little taste
2H6 IV.ii.154 [Cade to Dick, of England] my puissance holds it up
H5 II.ii.190 [King Henry to all] Let us deliver / Our puissance into the hand of God
H5 III.Chorus.21 [Chorus] grandsires, babies, and old women, / Either past or not arrived to pith and puissance
H5 Prologue.25 [Chorus] Into a thousand parts divide one man, / And make imaginary puissance
KJ III.i.339 [King John to Bastard] go draw our puissance together
R3 V.iii.300 [King Richard to Norfolk] we will follow / In the main battle, whose puissance on either side / Shall be well winged with our chiefest horse
TNK I.i.155 [First Queen to Theseus, of Creon] Not dreams we stand before your puissance