proof (n.) 3
test, trial
1H4 V.ii.54 [Vernon to Hotspur] Unless a brother should a brother dare / To gentle exercise and proof of arms
1H6 I.ii.94 [Charles to Pucelle] Only this proof I'll of thy valour make
E3 II.i.221 [Countess to King Edward, of her obedience] Employ me how thou wilt in proof thereof
H8 I.i.197 [Buckingham to Norfolk, of Wolsey] I do pronounce him in that very shape / He shall appear in proof [i.e. when put to the test]
Ham IV.vii.153 [Claudius to Laertes] this project / Should have a back or second, that might hold / If this did blast in proof [i.e. fail in trying it out]
JC V.i.49 [Octavius to all] If arguing make us sweat, / The proof of it will turn to redder drops
KL [Lear to all] I'll put't in proof [i.e. put it to the test]
LC 163 [] Nor gives it satisfaction to our blood, / That we must curb it upon others' proof
MA IV.i.43 [Leonato to Claudio, of Hero] if you, in your own proof, / Have ... made defeat of her virginity
Oth V.i.26 [Cassio to Roderigo, of the protection given by the latter's coat] I will make proof of thine
TC I.ii.130 [Cressida to Pandarus, of Helen's love for Troilus] Troilus will stand to the proof [with bawdy pun]
TC I.iii.34 [Nestor to Agamemnon] In the reproof of chance / Lies the true proof of men
TC V.v.5 [Diomedes to Servant, of Cressida and Troilus] Tell her I have chastised the amorous Trojan, / And am her knight by proof
Tim II.ii.162 [Flavius to Timon] Call me before th'exactest auditors, / And set me on the proof [i.e. put me to the test]
TN III.iv.178 [Sir Toby to Sir Andrew] a terrible oath ... gives manhood more approbation than ever proof itself would have earned him
TNK V.iii.57 [Emilia to herself, of the trumpets] Hark how yon spurs to spirit do incite / The princes to their proof