prodigal (adj.) 1
wastefully lavish, foolishly extravagant
AYL I.i.36 [Orlando to Oliver] What prodigal portion have I spent
E3 III.iii.123 [Audley to French peers] why do you follow him / That is so prodigal to spend your lives?
H8 V.v.12 [King Henry to Godparents] you've been too prodigal
Ham I.iii.36 [Laertes to Ophelia] The chariest maid is prodigal enough / If she unmask her beauty to the moon
LLL V.ii.64 [Rosaline to Princess, of Berowne] I would make him ... spend his prodigal wits in bootless rhymes
MV I.i.129 [Bassanio to Antonio] the great debts / Wherein my time, something too prodigal, / Hath left me gaged
MV II.v.15 [Shylock to Jessica, of going to supper] I'll go in hate to feed upon / The prodigal Christian