prick on (v.)
incite, urge on, spur on
1H4 V.i.129 [Falstaff alone] honour pricks me on
1H6 III.ii.78 [Talbot to all] Pricked on by public wrongs sustained in France
Ham I.i.83 [Horatio to Marcellus and Barnardo, of old Fortinbras' ambitions] Thereto pricked on by a most emulate pride
LLL I.i.256 [King reading Armado's letter to him] my ever-esteemed duty pricks me on
Oth III.iii.409 [Iago to Othello, of proving Desdemona's disloyalty] Pricked to't by foolish honesty and love
R2 II.iii.78 [Berkeley to Bolingbroke] I come ... to know what pricks you on
TG III.i.8 [Proteus to Duke] My duty pricks me on