practise (v.) 1
plot, scheme, conspire
1H6 II.i.25 [Talbot to all, of the French] let them practise and converse with spirits [with bawdy pun]
2H6 II.i.166 [Buckingham to King] A sort of naughty persons ... / Have practised dangerously against your state
AC II.ii.43 [Caesar to Antony, of Egypt] if you there / Did practise on my state, your being in Egypt / Might be my question
AYL I.i.139 [Oliver to Charles, of Orlando] he will practise against thee by poison
KJ I.i.214 [Bastard alone, of himself] I will not practise to deceive
KJ IV.i.20 [Arthur to Hubert, of King John] I doubt / My uncle practises more harm to me
TG IV.i.48 [Third Outlaw to Valentine] Myself was from Verona banished / For practising to steal away a lady