practice (n.) 2
trickery, treachery
2H6 III.ii.22 [King to all, of Gloucester] from true evidence ... / He be approved in practice culpable
Cym V.v.199 [Iachimo to Cymbeline] my practice ... prevailed
H8 I.i.204 [Buckingham to Norfolk] I shall perish / Under device and practice
Ham IV.vii.137 [Claudius to Laertes] in a pass of practice
KL II.i.106 [Gloucester to all, of Edmund and Edgar] He did bewray his practice
KL V.iii.149 [Gonerill to Edmund] This is practice
MA IV.i.186 [Benedick to Friar] The practice of it lives in John the Bastard
MM III.ii.262 [disguised Duke alone] crimes, / Making practice on the times
MM V.i.107 [Duke to Isabella, of Angelo] thou art suborned against his honour / In hateful practice
Oth V.ii.289 [Lodovico to Othello] Fallen in the practice of a damned slave [or: sense 1]
TN V.i.350 [Olivia to Malvolio] This practice hath most shrewdly passed upon thee