policy (n.) 1
statecraft, statesmanship, diplomacy
1H6 V.iv.159 [Alen??on aside to Charles] it is your policy / To save your subjects
2H6 I.i.82 [Gloucester to all] did my brother Bedford toil his wits / To keep by policy what Henry got?
2H6 III.i.23 [Queen to King, of Gloucester] it is no policy ... / That he should come about your royal person
2H6 III.i.235 [Cardinal to all, of Gloucester] That he should die is worthy policy
2H6 III.i.238 [Suffolk to all, of putting Gloucester on trial] But in my mind that were no policy
AC II.vi.116 [Menas to Enobarbus, of Antony's marriage to Octavia] I think the policy of that purpose made more in the marriage than the love of the parties
H5 I.i.45 [Canterbury to Ely, of King Henry] Turn him to any cause of policy
H5 I.ii.221 [Canterbury to all] Let ... our nation lose / The name of hardiness and policy
Ham II.ii.47 [Polonius to Claudius] or else this brain of mine / Hunts not the trail of policy so sure / As it hath used to do
Luc 1815 [of Brutus] now he throws that shallow habit by / Wherein deep policy did him disguise
Luc 529 [Tarquin to Lucrece] A little harm done to a great good end / For lawful policy remains enacted
MA IV.i.196 [Leonato to Benedick] Both strength of limb and policy of mind
Oth II.iii.266 [Iago to Cassio] a punishment more in policy than in malice
Oth III.iii.14 [Cassio to Desdemona, of Othello's policy] That policy may either last so long, / Or feed upon such nice and waterish diet
R2 V.i.84 [Richard to Queen Isabel, of their being banished together] That were some love, but little policy
TC I.iii.197 [Ulysses to all, of Achilles and Ajax] They tax our policy, and call it cowardice
TC V.iv.16 [Thersites alone] policy grows into an ill opinion
Tit IV.ii.147 [Aaron to Demetrius, of killing the Nurse] 'tis a deed of policy
TN III.ii.28 [Fabian to Sir Andrew] redeem it by some laudable attempt either of valour or policy