physic (n.) 1
medicine, healing, treatment
1H6 III.i.149 [Third Servingman to all] I will see what physic the tavern affords
2H4 I.i.137 [Northumberland to Morton] In poison there is physic
2H4 IV.v.16 [Prince Henry to Gloucester, of King Henry IV] If he be sick with joy, he'll recover without physic
AW II.i.185 [King to Helena] Sweet practiser, thy physic I will try
AW III.i.19 [First Lord to Duke] the younger of our nature / That surfeit on their ease will day by day / Come here for physic
AYL III.ii.344 [Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando] I will not cast away my physic but on those that are sick
Cor III.i.154 [Coriolanus to all] You that ... wish / To jump a body with a dangerous physic
Cor III.ii.33 [Menenius to Volumnia, of Coriolanus' abasing himself] The violent fit o'th' time craves it as physic / For the whole state
H8 I.iii.36 [Sands to Lovell and Lord Chamberlain, of courtiers] 'Tis time to give 'em physic, their diseases / Are grown so catching
H8 III.ii.40 [Lord Chamberlain to all, of Wolsey] he brings his physic / After his patient's death
H8 IV.ii.122 [Katherine to Capuchius] That gentle physic, given in time, had cured me
H8 V.iii.27 [Gardiner to all, of heresies] If we suffer ... this contagious sickness, / Farewell all physic--and what follows then?
Ham III.iii.96 [Hamlet to himself, of Claudius] This physic but prolongs thy sickly days [i.e. Claudius's praying]
KJ V.ii.21 [Salisbury to Lewis the Dauphin] for the health and physic of our right, / We cannot deal but with the very hand / Of stern injustice
KL III.iv.33 [Lear to himself] Take physic, pomp
LLL I.i.229 [King reading Armado's letter to him] I did commend the black oppressing humour to the most wholesome physic of thy health-giving air
Luc 901 [of opportunity] When wilt thou ... / Give physic to the sick
Mac V.i.1 [stage direction] Enter a Doctor of Physic
Mac V.iii.47 [Macbeth to Doctor] Throw physic to the dogs!
MM [Isabella to Mariana, of the disguised Duke] if ... / He speak against me on the adverse side, / I should not think it strange, for 'tis a physic / That's bitter to sweet end
MW III.i.4 [Evans to Simple, of Caius] that calls himself Doctor of Physic
PassP XIII.12 [] So beauty blemished once, for ever lost, / In spite of physic, painting, pain and cost
Per I.i.73 [Pericles to himself, of the riddle's last condition] Sharp physic is the last
Per III.ii.31 [Cerimon to First Gentleman] 'Tis known I ever / Have studied physic
Per [Marina to Lysimachus] Diseases have been sold dearer than physic
Per V.i.73 [Lysimachus to Marina] Thy sacred physic shall receive such pay / As thy desires can wish
RJ II.iii.48 [Romeo to Friar Laurence] Both our remedies / Within thy help and holy physic lies
Sonn 147.8 [] Desire is death, which physic did except
Sonn 34.9 [] Nor can thy shame give physic to my grief
Tim [Timon to Lords, as they leave] Soft, take thy physic first
Tit IV.ii.161 [Aaron to Chiron and Demetrius, of the dead Nurse] you see I have given her physic
TN II.iii.165 [Maria to Sir Toby, of Malvolio] I know my physic will work with him
TNK V.ii.27 [Doctor to Wooer, of the Gaoler's Daughter] Her honesty? / An we should give her physic till we find that [i.e. we would be wasting our time]
WT I.ii.200 [Leontes to himself, of unfaithful wives] Physic for't there's none
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