peradventure (adv.)
perhaps, maybe, very likely
AYL I.ii.49 [Celia to Rosalind, of the arrival of Touchstone] Peradventure this is not Fortune's work neither, but Nature's
Cor II.i.87 [Menenius to Brutus and Sicinius, of their predecessors] peradventure some of the best of 'em were hereditary hangmen
E3 III.ii.22 [First Citizen to First Frenchman] He that no sooner will provide a cloak / Than when he sees it doth begin to rain / May, peradventure, for his negligence, / Be throughly washed when he suspects it not
E3 V.i.22 [King Edward to Citizens] You, peradventure, are but servile grooms
H5 III.ii.122 [Fluellen to Macmorris] peradventure I shall think you do not use me with that affability as in discretion you ought to use me
H5 IV.i.157 [disguised King Henry to all, of men in a battle] Some, peradventure, have on them the guilt of premeditated and contrived murder
H5 IV.viii.4 [Fluellen to Gower] There is more good toward you, peradventure, than is in your knowledge to dream of
KJ [Hubert to Bastard] The King / Yet speaks, and peradventure may recover
MA I.ii.20 [Leonato to Antonio, of the proposal to Hero] I will acquaint my daughter withal, that she be the better prepared for an answer, if peradventure this be true
MA II.i.133 [masked Beatrice to masked Benedick, of Benedick] he'll but break a comparison or two on me, which, peradventure not marked or not laughed at, strikes him into melancholy
MM III.i.205 [disguised Duke to Isabella, of the Duke hearing of the events] if peradventure he shall ever return to have hearing of this business
MM [Isabella to Mariana, of the disguised Duke] he tells me that if peradventure / He speak against me on the adverse side, / I should not think it strange
MND .IV.i.215 [Bottom to all, of a ballad of his dream] Peradventure, to make it the more gracious, I shall sing it
MW I.i.41 [Evans to all] there is also another device in my prain, which peradventure prings goot discretions with it
MW I.i.72 [Evans to Page] here [is] young Master Slender, that peradventures shall tell you another tale
Oth II.i.283 [Iago alone, of Desdemona] I do love her too; / Not out of absolute lust - though peradventure / I stand accountant for as great a sin
Tim IV.iii.333 [Timon to Apemantus] If thou wert the fox, the lion would suspect thee when peradventure thou wert accused by the ass
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