painting (n.) 1
cosmetics, paint [for the face], beautifying
Cym III.iv.51 [Innogen to Pisanio, of Posthumus] Some jay of Italy / (Whose mother was her painting) hath betrayed him
H8 I.i.26 [Norfolk to Buckingham, of the French] their very labour / Was to them as a painting [i.e. made them appear to be wearing rouge]
Ham III.i.143 [Hamlet to Ophelia] I have heard of your paintings too [Q2; F pratlings]
LLL IV.iii.257 [Berowne to King] It mourns that painting and usurping hair / Should ravish doters with a false aspect
LLL IV.iii.261 [Berowne to King, of Rosaline's dark colouring] Her favour turns the fashion of the days, / For native blood is counted painting now
Sonn 83.1 [] I never saw that you did painting need