occasion (n.) 3
need, want, requirement
AW V.i.14 [Helena to Gentleman] goaded with most sharp occasions
Cym V.v.87 [Lucius to Cymbeline, of disguised Innogen] never master had / A page ... / So tender over his occasions
KJ II.i.82 [Austria to King Philip] courage mounteth with occasion
MV I.i.139 [Antonio to Bassanio] my extremest means / Lie all unlocked to your occasions
Tim II.ii.196 [Timon to Servants, of the Lords] my occasions have found time to use 'em toward a supply of money
Tim II.ii.24 [Caphis to Timon] My master is awaked by great occasion / To call upon his own
Tim III.i.19 [Flaminius to Lucullus, of Timon] who, having great and instant occasion to use fifty talents
Tim III.ii.24 [Lucius to Strangers, of Timon] I should ne'er have denied his occasion so many talents
Tim III.ii.35 [Servilius to Lucius, of Timon] 'Has only sent his present occasion now
Tim III.iii.16 [Sempronius to Servant, of Timon] his occasions might have wooed me first
Tim III.vi.10 [Lucullus to Lucius, of Timon's invitation] which many my near occasions did urge me to put off [i.e. my many personal engagements]
TN V.i.151 [Olivia to Priest] we intended / To keep in darkness what occasion now / Reveals before 'tis ripe