opinion (n.) 1
public opinion, popular judgement
2H4 V.ii.128 [King Henry V to his brothers] Rotten opinion, who hath writ me down / After my seeming
Cor I.i.269 [Sicinius to Brutus] Opinion, that so sticks on Martius, shall / Of his demerits rob Cominius [or: sense 2]
KL III.vi.110 [Edgar alone, of himself] thyself bewray / When false opinion ... reconciles thee
Luc 937 [Lucrece as if to time] Time's office is ... / To eat up errors by opinion bred
MV I.i.102 [Gratiano to Antonio] fish not with this melancholy bait / For this fool gudgeon, this opinon [or: sense 2]
MV I.i.91 [Gratiano to Antonio, of the way some men behave] With purpose to be dressed in an opinion / Of wisdom
Oth I.iii.222 [Duke to Othello] opinion ... throws a more safer voice on you
Per II.ii.55 [Simonides to all] Opinions's but a fool, that makes us scan / The outward habit by the inward man
TC I.iii.142 [Ulysses to all, of Achilles] whom opinion crowns / The sinew and the forehand of our host