object (n.) 1
spectacle, sight, object of attention
3H6 II.ii.4 [Queen to King, of York's head] Doth not the object cheer your heart, my lord?
Cor I.i.19 [First Citizen to all, of the authorities] The leanness that afflicts us, the object of our misery
Ham III.i.173 [Claudius to Polonius, of Hamlet] Haply ... countries different, / With variable objects, shall expel / This something-settled matter in his heart
JC IV.i.37 [Antony to Octavius, of Lepidus] one that feeds / On objects, arts, and imitations
KL II.iii.17 [Edgar alone, of beggars'appearances] with this horrible object
KL V.iii.236 [Albany to Kent, of the bodies] See'st thou this object
Luc 1103 [of Lucrece] No object but her passion's strength renews
Luc 806 [Lucrece to herself] Make me not object to the tell-tale Day
TC II.ii.41 [Troilus to Helenus] reason flies the object of all harm
TC IV.v.106 [Ulysses to Agamemnon] Hector in his blaze of wrath subscribes / To tender objects
Tit II.iii.204 [Martius to Quintus, of what he can see] with the dismall'st object hurt / That ever eye with sight made heart lament
Tit III.i.64 [Lucius to Titus, of Lavinia] this object kills me
Tit III.i.75 [Titus to Lavinia, of his hands] In bootless prayer have they been held up