order (n.) 1
arrangement, disposition, direction
1H6 II.v.112 [Mortimer to Richard] Only give order for my funeral [i.e. make the arrangements]
AC V.ii.364 [Caesar to Dolabella, of Antony and Cleopatra's funerals] see / High order in this great solemnity
H5 III.ii.63 [Gower to Fluellen] The Duke of Gloucester, to whom the order of the siege is given
JC I.ii.25 [Cassius to Brutus] Will you go see the order of the course?
JC III.i.230 [Antony to Brutus, of Caesar] [I] am moreover suitor that I may ... / Speak in the order of his funeral
KJ III.i.251 [King Philip to Cardinal Pandulph] impose / Some gentle order
KJ V.i.67 [Bastard to King John] Shall we, upon the footing of our land, / Send fair-play orders and make compromise
MM II.i.225 [Escalus to Pompey] There is pretty orders beginning
TC IV.v.70 [Aeneas to the Greeks, of Ajax and Hector] [shall they] be divided / By any voice or order of the field?
TC IV.v.90 [Agamemnon to Diomedes, of Hector and Ajax] As you and Lord Aeneas / Consent upon the order of their fight, / So be it
TS I.ii.124 [Hortensio to Petruchio, of Bianca being kept at home] this order hath Baptista ta'en