overweening (adj.)
arrogant, overambitious, high and mighty
2H6 III.i.159 [Gloucester to King, of York] Whose overweening arm I have plucked back
2H6 V.i.151 [Richard to Clifford] Oft have I seen a hot o'erweening cur / Run back and bite
E3 III.i.58 [King John to all, of Prince Edward] blind overweening Ned
R2 I.i.147 [Mowbray to King Richard, of Bolingbroke] I ... hurl down my gage / Upon this overweening traitor's foot
R3 V.iii.329 [King Richard to his army, of the enemy] Lash hence these overweening rags of France
TG III.i.157 [Duke to Valentine] Go ... overweening slave
TN II.v.29 [Sir Toby to Sir Andrew and Fabian, of Malvolio] Here's an overweening rogue!