ordnance, ordinance (n.)
cannon, artillery
1H6 I.iv.15 [Master Gunner to Boy, of the overlooking English position] To intercept this inconvenience, / A piece of ordnance 'gainst it I have placed
1H6 II.iii.60 [stage direction] A peal of ordnance
2H6 IV.i.1 [stage direction] Ordnance goes off
E3 V.i.135 [Salisbury to King Edward, of the army surrounding Prince Edward] every barricado's open front / Was thick embossed with brazen ordinance
H5 II.iv.126 [Exeter to Dauphin, of King Henry] caves and womby vaultages of France / Shall ... return your mock / In second accent of his ordinance
H5 III.Chorus.26 [Chorus alone, of the English army] Behold the ordnance on their carriages
Ham I.iv.7 [stage direction] two pieces of ordnance go off
Ham V.ii.264 [Claudius to all] Let all the battlements their ordnance fire
Ham V.ii.397 [stage direction] a peal of ordnance is shot off
KJ II.i.218 [King John to Hubert, of a French attack of the city walls] By the compulsion of their ordinance
TS I.ii.201 [Petruchio to Gremio] Have I not heard great ordnance in the field