orchard (n.)
2H4 I.i.4 [Porter to Lord Bardolph, of Northumberland] His lordship is walked forth into the orchard
2H4 V.iii.1 [Shallow to Falstaff] you shall see my orchard
AYL I.i.39 [Orlando to Oliver] here in your orchard
Ham I.v.35 [Ghost to Hamlet] sleeping in my orchard
JC II.i.1 [stage direction] Enter Brutus in his orchard
JC III.ii.249 [Antony to all, of Caesar's will] he hath left you ... / His private arbours, and new-planted orchards
KJ V.vii.10 [Prince Henry to Bigot, of King John] Let him be brought into the orchard here
MA III.i.5 [Hero to Margaret, of Beatrice] tell her I and Ursula / Walk in the orchard
RJ II.i.5 [Benvolio to Mercutio, of Romeo] He ran this way and leapt this orchard wall
RJ II.ii.63 [Juliet to Romeo] The orchard walls are high and hard to climb
TC III.ii.15 [Pandarus to Troilus] Walk here i'th' orchard
TN III.ii.6 [Sir Andrew to Sir Toby, of Olivia favouring Viola as Cesario] I saw't i'the orchard
TN III.iv.174 [Sir Toby to Sir Andrew, of Viola as Cesario] Scout me for him at the corner of the orchard
TN III.iv.219 [Sir Toby to Viola as Cesario, of Sir Andrew] attends thee at the orchard end
TS II.i.111 [Baptista to all] We will go walk a little in the orchard