nightgown, night-gown (n.)
2H4 III.i.1 [stage direction] Enter the King in his nightgown
JC II.ii.1 [stage direction] Enter Julius Caesar in his night-gown
MA III.iv.17 [Margaret to Hero, comparing gowns] 's but a nightgown in respect of yours
Mac II.ii.70 [Lady Macbeth to Macbeth] Get on your nightgown
Mac V.i.5 [Gentlewoman to Doctor, of Lady Macbeth] I have seen her ... throw her nightgown upon her
Mac V.i.58 [Lady Macbeth as if to Macbeth, while sleepwalking] put on your nightgown
Oth I.i.161 [stage direction] Enter Brabantio in his night-gown
Oth IV.iii.33 [Emilia to Desdemona] Shall I go fetch your night-gown?