near (adv.) 1
closely, intimately, seriously
1H6 III.i.58 [Somerset to Warwick, of Winchester's right to argue] Yes, when his holy state is touched so near
Oth II.iii.214 [Iago to Montano] Touch me not so near
Per I.i.94 [Pericles to Antiochus, of the latter's sin] 'Twould braid yourself too near for me to tell it
R3 II.iii.26 [Third Citizen to other Citizens, of the succession] For emulation who shall now be nearest / Will touch us all too near
R3 IV.iii.49 [King Richard to Ratcliffe] Ely with Richmond troubles me more near / Than Buckingham and his rash-levied strength
TG III.i.60 [Duke to Valentine] I am to break with thee of some affairs / That touch me near
Tim I.ii.176 [Flavius to Timon] vouchsafe me a word. It does concern you near