note (v.) 1
observe, pay attention [to], take special note [of]
AYL III.ii.245 [Rosalind to Celia, of Orlando] Slink by, and note him
H8 II.iv.128 [Queen Katherine to Griffith, of her being called back] What need you note it?
JC IV.ii.19 [Brutus to Lucilius] Ever note ... / When love begins to sicken and decay, / It useth an enforced ceremony
JC V.iii.22 [Cassius to Titinius] tell me what thou not'st about the field
MA I.i.154 [Benedick to Claudio, of Hero] I noted her not
Mac III.iv.55 [Lady Macbeth to all, of Macbeth] If much you note him, / You shall offend him and extend his passion
RJ IV.v.119 [First Musician to Peter] An you re us and fa us, you note us [also: musical note]
RJ V.i.38 [Romeo alone, of an apothecary] which late I noted / In tattered weeds
Sonn 99.13 []More flowers I noted
TN IV.iii.35 [Olivia to Sebastian] heavens so shine / That they may fairly note this act of mine
TNK IV.iii.27 [Doctor to Gaoler, of the Gaoler's Daughter] Note her a little further
TS III.ii.14 [Katherina to Baptista, of Petruchio] to be noted for a merry man, / He'll woo a thousand