note (n.) 1
attention, notice, regard
AW III.v.100 [Helena to Widow, of Diana] I will bestow some precepts of this virgin, / Worthy the note
Cor I.ix.48 [Martius to all, of his deeds] which without note / Here's many else have done
Cym I.v.2 [Iachimo to all, of Posthumus] he was then of a crescent note
Cym IV.iii.44 [Pisanio alone] Even to the note o'th' king
Cym IV.iv.20 [Arviragus to Belarius and Guiderius, of the Britons] It is not likely ... / That they will waste their time upon our note [i.e. in noticing us]
JC I.ii.180 [Cassius to Brutus, of Casca] he will ... tell you / What hath proceeded worthy note today [i.e. worthy of notice]
KL III.i.18 [disguised Kent to Gentleman] I ... dare upon the warrant of my note / Commend a dear thing to you [i.e. justified by what I have seen in you]
Mac III.ii.44 [Macbeth to Lady Macbeth] there shall be done / A deed of dreadful note
TNK I.iv.19 [Theseus to all, of Palamon and Arcite] I fixed my note / Constantly on them
TNK III.i.17 [Arcite alone, of Emilia] She takes strong note of me
WT I.i.35 [Archidamus to Camillo, of Mamillius] It is a gentleman of the greatest promise that ever came into my note
WT IV.ii.42 [Camillo to Polixenes, of the Shepherd] who hath a daughter of most rare note