nerve (n.) 1
sinew, ligament, muscle
AC IV.viii.21 [Antony to Cleopatra] ha' we / A brain that nourishes our nerves
Cor I.i.136 [Menenius to Citizens, as the belly addressing the other body parts] The strongest nerves and small inferior veins / From me receive that natural competency / Whereby they live
Cym III.iii.94 [Belarius alone, of Guiderius] Strains his young nerves
Ham I.iv.83 [Hamlet to Horatio and Marcellus] As hardy as the Nemean lion's nerve
Mac III.iv.101 [Macbeth to Banquo's ghost] my firm nerves / Shall never tremble
Sonn 120.4 [] Unless my nerves were brass or hammered steel
TC I.iii.55 [Ulysses to and of Agamemnon] nerve and bone of Greece [F; Q nerues]
Tem I.ii.485 [Prospero to Ferdinand] Thy nerves are in their infancy again