naught, nought (n.) 1
1H6 I.ii.135 [Pucelle to all, comparing glory to a circle in water] Till by broad spreading it disperse to naught
2H6 III.i.307 [York to Queen, of his regency being worse than Somerset's] What, worse than naught?
AC III.v.21 [Enobarbus to Eros, of Antony calling him] 'Twill be naught
AYL I.i.33 [Oliver to Orlando] be naught a while [i.e. remove yourself, disappear]
R3 I.i.97 [Brakenbury to Richard, of the subject of conversation] With this ... myself have naught to do
Tem I.ii.18 [Prospero to Miranda] thee ... naught knowing / Of whence I am
WT II.i.177 [Leontes to Antigonus, of Hermione and Polixenes] Camillo's flight, / Added to their familiarity ... / That lacked sight only, naught for approbation / But only seeing