modest (adj.) 1
moderate, reasonable, mild, limited
AW II.i.128 [Helena to King] entreating from your royal thoughts / A modest one to bear me back again [i.e. a reassuring expression of mildness about her behaviour]
Cor I.ix.25 [Cominius to Martius, of the latter's deeds] Which, to the spire and top of praises vouched, / Would seem but modest [i.e. even the highest praises would not seem adequate]
H8 V.iii.69 [Cranmer to Gardiner] reverence to your calling makes me modest
KL II.iv.24 [Lear to disguised Kent] Resolve me with all modest haste
MA I.i.21 [Messenger to Leonato] joy could not show itself modest enough
TN I.iii.8 [Maria to Sir Toby] you must confine yourself within the modest limits of order [or: sense 3]
TN I.v.173 [Viola as Cesario to Olivia] give me modest assurance if you be the lady of the house
TS II.i.286 [Petruchio to Baptista, of Katherina] she's not froward, but modest as the dove