mend (v.) 1
amend, improve, make better, put right
1H4 III.i.243 [Hotspur to Lady Percy] you swear like a comfit-maker's wife ... 'As God shall mend me!'
1H4 V.ii.37 [Worcester to Hotspur, of King Henry] I told him gently of our grievances ... which he mended thus
AC I.iii.82 [Cleopatra to and of Antony] Still he mends
AW I.iii.85 [Clown to Countess] An we might have a good woman born but one every blazing star ... 'twould mend the lottery well [i.e. improve the odds against finding a good woman]
AYL II.iv.91 [Celia as Aliena to Corin] we will mend thy wages [i.e. increase them]
CE II.ii.114 [Dromio of Syracuse to Antipholus of Syracuse, of his reasoning] Thus I mend it
Cym II.iv.26 [Posthumus to Philario, of the British] Their discipline ... will make known / To their approvers they are people such / That mend upon the world [i.e. improve in the eyes of the world]
H8 I.iv.61 [Wolsey to all] You have now a broken banquet, but we'll mend it
KL I.i.94 [Lear to Cordelia] Mend your speech a little
KL II.iv.224 [Lear to Gonerill] Mend when thou canst
LLL V.ii.329 [Berowne to all, of Boyet] in ushering / Mend him who can
MM III.ii.25 [disguised Duke to Pompey] Go mend
MM V.i.91 [Duke to Isabella, of her explaining her outburst] Mended again
Sonn 59.11 [] Whether we are mended
Sonn 69.2 [] Those parts of thee that the world's eye doth view / Want nothing that the thought of hearts can mend
TC I.i.6 [Pandarus to Troilus, of the wars] Will this gear ne'er be mended?
TC I.iii.159 [Ulysses to Agamemnon, of Patroclus] when he speaks, / 'Tis like a chime a-mending [i.e. a peal of bells needing to be tuned]
Tim V.i.185 [Timon to Senators] My long sickness / Of health and living now begins to mend
Tim V.i.87 [Timon to Poet and Painter, of a fault] neither wish I / You take much pains to mend
TN I.v.69 [Olivia to Malvolio, of Feste] Doth he not mend?
TS IV.i.134 [Petruchio to Servant, of pulling off one boot awkwardly] mend the plucking off the other
TS IV.i.162 [Petruchio to Katherina, of the burnt meat] tomorrow't shall be mended
TS V.ii.25 [Petruchio to Hortensio, of his reply] Very well mended
WT IV.iv.164 [Dorcas to and of Mopsa] garlic to mend her kissing with!