affection (n.) 2
emotion, feeling
2H4 II.iii.29 [Lady Percy to Northumberland, of Percy] in affections of delight ... / He was the mark and glass, copy and book, / That fashioned others
2H4 IV.iv.65 [King Henry IV to Clarence, of Prince Henry] with what wings shall his affections fly / Towards fronting peril and opposed decay!
2H4 IV.v.173 [Prince Henry to King Henry IV, of the crown] If any rebel or vain spirit of mine / Did with the least affection of a welcome / Give entertainment to the might of it
2H4 V.ii.123 [King Henry V to his brothers] My father is gone wild into his grave, / For in his tomb lie my affections [i.e. my wildness has gone to the grave with my father]
Cor II.iii.230 [Sicinius to Citizens] guided / By your own true affections
E3 III.iii.183 [King Edward to Prince Edward, of the latter's heart] never base affections enter there
E3 V.i.51 [King Edward to Queen] it shall be known that we / As well can master our affections
H5 IV.i.104 [disguised King Henry to Bates, of himself] his affections are higher mounted than ours
H8 III.i.129 [Queen Katherine to Campeius and Wolsey] Have I with all my full affections / Still met the King [also: love]
JC II.i.20 [Brutus alone, of Caesar] I have not known when his affections swayed / More than his reason
KJ V.ii.41 [Lewis the Dauphin to Salisbury] great affections wrestling in thy bosom
MA II.ii.6 [Don John to Borachio, of Claudio] whatsoever comes athwart his affection ranges evenly with mine
MA III.i.42 [Hero to Ursula, of Benedick] To wish him wrestle with affection
MV I.i.16 [Solanio to Antonio] had I such venture forth, / The better part of my affections would / Be with my hopes abroad
MV III.i.54 [Shylock to Solanio and Salerio] Hath not a Jew ... senses, affections, passions?
MV IV.i.50 [Shylock to Duke] affection, / Master of passion, sways it to the mood / Of what it likes or loathes
RJ I.i.147 [Montague to Benvolio, of Romeo] his own affections' counsellor
TC IV.iv.6 [Cressida to Pandarus] If I could temporize with my affection
Tem I.ii.482 [Miranda to Prospero] My affections / Are then most humble [also: sense 1]
Tem V.i.18 [Ariel to Prospero, of the King's company] if you now beheld them your affections / Would become tender
TN I.i.37 [Orsino to Valentine, of Olivia] when the rich golden shaft / Hath killed the flock of all affections else / That live in her
TNK I.i.229 [Third Queen to Theseus] Thou being but mortal makest affections bend / To godlike honours [i.e. can subdue your human feelings]
TNK I.iii.9 [Pirithous to Hippolyta] Those best affections that the heavens infuse
TNK II.i.243 [Arcite to Palamon] Am I not liable to those affections, ... my friend shall suffer?
WT V.i.219 [Florizel to Leontes, of Leontes' remembering his younger days] With thought of such affections / Step forth mine advocate