mew up (v.)
coop up, confine, shut up
KJ IV.ii.57 [Pembroke to King John, of Arthur] your fears ... should move you to mew up / Your tender kinsman
R3 I.i.38 [Richard alone] This day should Clarence closely be mewed up
R3 I.iii.138 [Richard to Queen Elizabeth, of Clarence] for his meed ... he is mewed up
RJ III.iv.11 [Lady Capulet to Paris, of Juliet] Tonight she's mewed up to her heaviness
TS I.i.180 [Tranio to Lucentio, of Baptista and Bianca] therefore has he closely mewed her up
TS I.i.87 [Gremio to Baptista, of Bianca] Why will you mew her up