match (v.) 1
join in marriage, make a match
2H6 I.i.129 [York to all, of the contract between the King and Queen] our King Henry gives away his own, / To match with her that brings no vantages
3H6 II.ii.152 [Edward to Queen, of the King] had he matched according to his state
3H6 III.iii.210 [Warwick to Queen, of Edward] matching more for wanton lust than honour
MA II.i.57 [Beatrice to Leonato] I hold it a sin to match in my kindred
RJ III.v.179 [Capulet to Lady Capulet, of Juliet] my care hath been / To have her matched
TN I.iii.103 [Sir Toby to Sir Andrew, of Olivia] she'll not match above her degree
TS IV.iv.32 [Pedant as Vincentio to Baptista, of Tranio as Lucentio] I am content ... / To have him matched