motion (n.) 6
proposal, proposition, suggestion, offer
1H6 V.i.7 [King to Gloucester, of the peace proposals] How doth your grace affect their motion?
3H6 III.iii.244 [Queen to Warwick, of Warwick's daughter marrying her son] I agree, and thank you for your motion
AW V.iii.262 [Parolles to King, of Bertram and Diana] I knew of their going to bed and of other motions
MM V.i.532 [Duke to Isabel] I have a motion much imports your good
MW I.i.199 [Evans to Slender, of Shallow] Give ear to his motions
MW III.iv.62 [Slender to Anne, of Page and Shallow] Your father and my uncle hath made motions
Tit I.i.246 [Saturninus to Titus, of marrying Lavinia] doth this motion please thee?
TN III.iv.280 [Sir Toby to Sir Andrew] I'll make the motion
TS I.ii.277 [Grumio and Biondello to all, of Tranio as Lucentio's proposal] O excellent motion!