mistake (v.) 1
misunderstand, take wrongly, misconceive
1H6 II.iii.73 [Talbot to Countess] nor misconster / The mind of Talbot as you did mistake / The outward composition of his body
H5 III.ii.129 [Gower to Fluellen and Macmorris] you will mistake each other
H8 I.i.195 [Norfolk to Buckingham, of Wolsey's misdealings] I ... could wish he were / Something mistaken in't
H8 III.i.101 [Campeius to Queen Katherine] Your rage mistakes us
R2 III.iii.15 [Bolingbroke to York] Mistake not, uncle, further than you should [pun: l.17]
Sonn 87.10 [] Thyself thou gav'st, thy own worth then not knowing, / Or me, to whom thou gav'st it, else mistaking
Tim I.ii.8 [Timon to Ventidius] You mistake my love
Tim II.ii.189 [Timon to Flavius] You shall perceive / How you mistake my fortunes