mind (n.) 2
intention, purpose, intent
1H6 II.ii.59 [Talbot aside to Captain] You perceive my mind? [i.e. what I have in mind]
Cym III.iv.145 [Pisanio to Innogen] if you could wear a mind / Dark [i.e. if you would think of playing a part]
H8 I.i.161 [Buckingham to Norfolk, of Wolsey] his mind and place / Infecting one another
MW I.i.171 [Evans to all, of Slender] that is a virtuous mind
RJ V.ii.4 [Friar Laurence to Friar John, of Romeo] if his mind be writ, give me his letter
Tim I.ii.161 [Flavius to himself, of Timon] That man might ne'er be wretched for his mind [i.e. if it were not for his good intentions]
TS I.ii.77 [Grumio to Hortensio, of Petruchio] he tells you flatly what his mind is