mead (n.)
H5 V.ii.48 [Burgundy to King Henry and French King] The even mead ... / Conceives by idleness
H5 V.ii.54 [Burgundy to King Henry and French King] our vineyards, fallows, meads, and hedges ... / grow to wildness
KL I.i.65 [Lear to Gonerill] all these bounds ... / With plenteous rivers and wide-skirted meads
Luc 1218 [] Poor Lucrece' cheeks unto her maid seem so / As winter meads when sun doth melt their snow
MND II.i.83 [Titania to Oberon] never since the middle summer's spring / Met we on hill ... or mead
Tem IV.i.63 [Iris to Ceres] Thy ... flat meads thatched with stover
Tit II.iv.54 [Marcus to Lavinia] One hour's storm will drown the fragrant meads
TNK III.i.7 [Arcite alone] sweeter / Than ... / Th'enamelled knacks o'th' mead or garden
TS V.ii.138 [Katherina to Widow, of her frown] It blots thy beauty as frosts do bite the meads
Ven 636 [Venus to Adonis, of a boar] having thee at vantage [he] ... / Would root these beauties as he roots the mead