main (adj.) 1
very great, major, considerable
2H6 I.i.208 [Warwick to Salisbury] That Maine which by main force Warwick did win
H8 II.ii.6 [Lord Chamberlain alone, reading a letter about his horses] a man of my lord Cardinal's, by commission and main power, took 'em from me
H8 III.ii.215 [Wolsey alone, of his inventory of goods] What cross devil / Made me put this main secret in the packet
H8 IV.i.31 [First Gentleman to Second Gentleman, of Katherine and the bishops' court] by the main assent / Of all these learned men, she was divorced
TNK II.i.117 [Palamon to Arcite] 'Tis a main goodness, cousin, that our fortunes / Were twinned together