mischief (n.) 2
wicked action, evil deed, harmful scheme
1H6 III.ii.39 [Talbot alone] Pucelle ... / Hath wrought this hellish mischief unawares
E3 I.i.103 [Artois to Lorraine] A voluntary mischief hath less scorn
E3 III.ii.51 [Third Frenchman to all] Slaughter and mischief walk within your streets
H8 II.i.22 [First Gentleman to Second Gentleman, of Hopkins] that made this mischief
H8 V.i.49 [Gardiner to Lovell, of King Henry] forseeing those fell mischiefs / Our reasons laid before him
JC IV.i.51 [Octavius to Antony] some that smile have in their hearts ... / Millions of mischiefs
RJ V.i.35 [Romeo alone] O mischief, thou art swift / To enter in the thoughts of desperate men
Tit III.i.272 [Titus to Marcus] I shall never come to bliss / Till all these mischiefs be returned again / Even in their throats that hath committed them
Tit V.i.65 [Aaron to Lucius] I must talk of ... / Complots of mischief