bate (v.) 1
abate, modify, lessen
Cym III.ii.55 [Innogen to Pisanio, of seeing Posthumus] Who long'st, like me, to see thy lord; who long'st / (O let me bate) but not like me [i.e. let me say it less strongly]
H5 III.ii.25 [Pistol to Fluellen] Good bawcock, bate thy rage!
LLL I.i.6 [King to all, of Time] Th'endeavour of this present breath may buy / That honour which shall bate his scythe's keen edge [i.e. blunt]
MA II.iii.176 [Claudio to Don Pedro, of Beatrice] she will die ... rather than she will bate one breath of her accustomed crossness
MV IV.i.72 [Antonio to Bassanio, of arguing with Shylock] You may as well ... bid the main flood bate his usual height
Tim III.iii.27 [Sempronius to Servant] Who bates mine honour shall not know my coin
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abate (v.) 1