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virtue (n.) 1quality, accomplishment, ability
virtue (n.) 2essence, heart, soul
virtue (n.) 3courage, valour, bravery
virtue (n.) 4power, capability, efficacy, property
virtue (n.) 5worth, value, excellence
virtue (n.) 6goodness, benevolence, kindness
virtue (n.) 7authority, jurisdiction, power
virtue (n.) 8virtuous self, honour, excellency
virtue (n.) 9chastity, sexual purity
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AW I.i.60 [Countess to Bertram] Thy blood and virtue / Contend for empire in thee [i.e. inherited and learned abilities]
Cor I.i.172 [Martius to Citizens] Your virtue is / To make him worthy whose offence subdues him
Ham I.iv.33 [Hamlet to Horatio] these men, / Carrying, I say, the stamp of one defect ... / His virtues else, be they as pure as grace ... / Shall in the general censure take corruption / From that particular fault
1H6 I.i.9 [Gloucester to all, of Henry V] Virtue he had, deserving to command
MND II.i.220 [Helena to Demetrius] Your virtue is my privilege
MND III.i.133 [Titania to Bottom] thy fair virtue's force perforce doth move me ... to say, to swear, I love thee
Per II.i.146 [Pericles to Fishermen] I'll show the virtue I have borne in arms
R3 IV.iv.370 [Queen Elizabeth to King Richard] Thy Garter, blemished, pawned his knightly virtue
Tit I.i.14 [Bassianus to his followers] The Imperial seat, to virtue consecrate [or: valour]
TNK II.iv.23 [Pirithous to all, of Arcite] Mark how his virtue ... / Breaks through his baser garments
TNK V.ii.53 [Gaoler to Gaoler's Daughter, of her horse] Having these virtues, / I think he might be brought to play at tennis