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vile, vild (adj.) 1degrading, ignominious, worthless
vile, vild (adj.) 2despicable, disgusting, abhorrent
vile, vild (adj.) 3shameful, contemptible, wretched
vile, vild (adj.) 4lowly, of humble birth
vile, vild (n.) 1lowly person, person of humble birth
vile, vild (n.) 2worthless person, one not deserving of praise
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AC V.ii.313 [Charmian to herself, completing Cleopatra's 'What should I stay'] In this vile world? [F wilde]
AW II.i.174 [Helena to King] Extended / With vildest torture let my life be ended
1H6 V.iv.16 [Richard to all, of Pucelle] This argues what her kind of life hath been, / Wicked and vile
JC I.iii.111 [Cassius to Casca] So vile a thing as Caesar [or: worthless]
KJ III.iv.138 [Cardinal Pandulph to Lewis the Dauphin] he that stands upon a slippery place / Makes nice of no vile hold to stay him up [i.e. is not fussy about the means he uses]