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quit (adj.) 1away from, out of
quit (adj.) 2freed [from], relieved [of]
quit (v.) 1rid, free, relieve
quit (v.) 2remit, release from
quit (v.) 3acquit, absolve, clear
quit (v.) 4release from service, let go
quit (v.) 5pay back, repay, reward
quit (v.) 6avenge, requite, take vengeance [on]
quit (v.) 7draw level, be quits
quit (v.) 8make compensation for, requite
quit (v.) 9answer, respond to, requite
quit (v.) 10acquit, do one's part, bear [oneself]
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AW V.iii.297 [Diana to King, of Bertram] here I quit him
AYL III.i.11 [Duke Frederick to Oliver] Till thou canst quit thee by thy brother's mouth / Of what we think against thee
Cym V.iv.167 [First Gaoler to Posthumus, of the problems of drunkenness] of this contradiction you shall now be quit
1H4 III.ii.19 [Prince Hal to King Henry] I would I could / Quit all offences
2H4 II.iv.337 [Falstaff to Hostess, of being damned] I think thou art quit for that [also: repaid]
H5 II.ii.166 [King Henry to traitors] God quit you in His mercy!