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quick (adj.) 1living, vital, full of life
quick (adj.) 2lively, animated, vivacious
quick (adj.) 3quick-witted, inventive, lively
quick (adj.) 4sharp, keen, alert
quick (adj.) 5vigorous, quick-acting, energetic
quick (adj.) 6alive to possibilities, lively, impatient
quick (adj.) 7fresh, invigorating, sharp
quick (adj.) 8running, flowing, gushing
quick (adj.) 9hasty, hurried
quick (adj.) 10pregnant, with child
quick (adv.)  alive
quick (n.) 1sensitive parts [of the body], tender flesh
quick (n.) 2living, those alive
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AW V.iii.301 [Diana to King] one that's dead is quick [also: sense 10]
H5 II.ii.79 [King Henry to traitors] The mercy that was quick in us but late / By your own counsel is suppressed and killed
1H6 V.iii.8 [Pucelle alone, of the arrival of the spirits] This speedy and quick appearance argues proof / Of your accustomed diligence to me
LLL I.ii.28 [Mote to Armado] an eel is quick
MND I.i.149 [Lysander to Hermia] So quick bright things come to confusion [adverb reading also possible]
MW III.iv.84 [Anne to Mistress Page, of marrying Caius] I had rather be set quick i'th' earth, / And bowled to death with turnips [i.e. buried up to my neck]
Sonn 45.5 [of thought and desire] when these quicker elements are gone / In tender embassy of love to thee
Sonn 113.7 [] Of his quick objects hath the mind no part