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quarter (n.) 1quarters, lodging, residence
quarter (n.) 2relationships, relations, mutual conduct
quarter (n.) 3direction, bearing, point [of the compass]
quarter (n.) 4divide into quarters [on a flag or shield]
quarter (n.) 5army division, unit of soldiers
quarter (n.) 6period of watch
quarter (n.) 7 
quarter (v.) 1add a coat-of-arms to a [quarter of] a shield
quarter (v.) 2cut to pieces, hack, mutilate
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AW [Bertram to Parolles, of his drum] bring this instrument of honour again into his native quarter
1H6 II.i.68 [Charles to all, of Pucelle] Within her quarter and mine own precinct / I was employed in passing to and fro
Tim V.iv.60 [Alcibiades to Senators] not a man / Shall pass his quarter [or: military area]