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quality (n.) 1nature, disposition, character
quality (n.) 2accomplishment, capacity, ability
quality (n.) 3rank, standing, position
quality (n.) 4profession, occupation, business
quality (n.) 5characteristic, feature, property
quality (n.) 6importance, special significance
quality (n.) 7occasion, cause
quality (n.) 8companions, associates, fraternity
quality (n.) 9party, company, side
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AW I.iii.109 [Steward to Countess, of Helena's thoughts] Love [was] no god, that would not extend his might only where qualities were level
Cym I.v.21 [Iachimo to all, of Innogen] to fortify her judgement ... for taking a beggar without less quality [i.e. regardless of any lower rank]
Cym I.v.28 [Philario to all, of Posthumus] Let him be so entertained amongst you as suits, with gentlemen of your knowing, to a stranger of his quality
2H4 IV.i.11 [Archbishop to Hastings and Mowbray, of Northumberland] Here doth he wish his person, with such powers / As might hold sortance with his quality
H5 IV.viii.89 [King Henry to all] gentlemen of blood and quality
KL V.iii.109 [Herald reading a proclamation] If any man of quality or degree
KL V.iii.118 [Herald to disguised Edgar] What are you? / Your name, your quality
Oth II.iii.102 [Cassio to Iago] no offence to ... any man of quality
Oth III.iii.350 [Othello to Iago] Farewell ... all quality, / Pride, pomp and circumstance of glorious war!
TNK I.iv.14 [Herald to Theseus, of Palamon and Arcite] Men of great quality
TNK V.i.161 [Emilia praying to Diana] grant / The file and quality I hold I may / Continue in thy band [i.e. my status as a virgin]