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just (adj.) 1accurate, exact, precise
just (adj.) 2proper, true
just (adj.) 3justifiable, legitimate
just (adj.) 4equal, even
just (adj.) 5honourable, loyal, faithful
just (adj.) 6truthful, honest
just (adv.) 1exactly, precisely
just (adv.) 2quite so, correct
just (n.)  joust, tournament
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AW IV.ii.69 [Diana alone, of Bertram] My mother told me just how he would woo
CE IV.i.7 [Angelo to Second Merchant] Even just the sum that I do owe to you
2H6 I.iv.60 [York to all, of the letter written of the Spirit's prophecies] Why, this is just / Aio te, Aeacida, Romanos vincere posse
Mac III.iii.4 [Second Murderer to Third Murderer, of Macbeth] he delivers / Our offices and what we have to do / To the direction just
MW I.i.46 [Evans to Shallow, of Anne] It is that fery person for all the 'orld, as just as you will desire
RJ III.iii.86 [Nurse to Friar, of Romeo] he is even in my mistress' case, / Just in her case
TC I.iii.164 [Ulysses to all, of Achilles reacting to Patroclus' impersonation of Nestor] 'Tis Agamemnon just