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judgement (n.) 1opinion, estimation, assessment
judgement (n.) 2knowledge, understanding, wisdom
judgement (n.) 3reason, discernment, good sense
judgement (n.) 4discretion, good sense, tact
judgement (n.) 5expert, critic, judge
judgement (n.) 6guide, leader, director
judgement (n.) 7judgement day
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AW I.ii.61 [King to Bertram] younger spirits ... whose judgements are / Mere fathers of their garments [i.e. their best opinions are about their clothes]
Ham III.ii.96 [Hamlet to Horatio] we will both our judgements join
KL I.i.151 [Kent to Lear] Answer my life my judgement [i.e. I stake my life on my opinion]
KL I.iv.57 [Third Knight to Lear] to my judgement your highness is not entertained ... as you were wont
R3 III.iv.43 [Derby to all, of the coronation] Tomorrow, in my judgement, is too sudden
Sonn 131.12 [] Thy black is fairest in my judgement's place
TG IV.iv.148 [disguised Julia to Silvia, of Julia] She, in my judgement, was as fair as you