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jerkin (n.)  male upper garment, close-fitting jacket [often made of leather]
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1H4 I.ii.42 [Prince Hal to Falstaff] is not a buff jerkin a most sweet robe of durance?
MW I.iii.16 [Falstaff to Bardolph] An old cloak makes a new jerkin
TC III.iii.265 [] Thersites to Achilles, of opinion] A man may wear it on both sides, like a leather jerkin
Tem IV.i.236 [Stephano to the tree] Mistress line, is not this my jerkin?
TG II.iv.19 [Valentine to Thurio, in response to Thurio's 'how quote you my folly?'] I quote it in your jerkin. [Thurio] My jerkin is a doublet