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SonnetsSonn.90.4 And do not drop in for an after-loss: And doe not drop in for an after losse:


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afterfuture, later, following
after[nautical] second, following, further
afteraccording to
afterat the rate of
after-debtunpaid bill after goods have been received, outstanding debt
after-dinnerperiod following dinner, afternoon
after-eyegaze after, follow with the eye
after-hourssubsequent time, later moments
after-inquirydivine interrogation after death, last judgement
after-losslater blow, knock given after others have been suffered
after-lovelater gratitude, future loyalty
after-meetingfollow-up meeting
after-nourishmentlater sustenance
after-supperperiod of time immediately after dessert [eaten after the main course of the evening meal]
after-timeshereafter, future, time to come
Alcides[pron: al'siydeez] original name of Hercules, after his grandfather Alceus
anon[after ‘now’] at another time, presently
a-rowone after the other, in succession
attendsee to, look after, apply oneself to
beest-eatingdrinking the milk produced after the birth of a calf [considered undrinkable, except by rustics]
Black Monday[in MV II.v.24] confusion of the day after Easter Sunday with Ash Wednesday
cheaterdeceiver, sharper, gamester; also: officer who looks after estates forfeited to the crown
cherishentertain kindly, look after well
continuehappen later, follow after
costinvolve the loss of, deprive one of
coverput on one's hat [after it has been removed to show respect]
custom-shrunkdown in business, suffering great loss of trade
defeaturedisfigurement, defacement, loss of beauty
derogationloss of dignity, disparagement, detraction
discomfortdiscouragement, loss of heart
dress[of land] cultivate, tend, look after
else(used after the noun) in addition
est2nd peron singular ending after 'thou'
expenseloss, using up, expending
fault[hunting] break in a line of scent, loss of scent
ferretworry [like a ferret], hunt after
followseek after, pursue, strive for, court
foul[of a pistol-barrel after firing] dirty, clogged
gravelledperplexed, at a loss, stumped
hallowfollow with shouts, call after
Hecubawife of Priam, King of Troy, and mother of 18 children; after the Greeks took Troy, she saw her sons and her husband killed, and was sent into slavery.
hereafterafter this, in time to come
husbandmanage, handle, look after
inquireseek out, ask after one's whereabouts
keeplook after, watch over, maintain
knight of the battleone whose knighthood was conferred after prowess on the battlefield
laglagging behind, lingering after
leisureonly after careful consideration, but slowly
Lichas[pron: 'liykas] companion to Hercules, who brought him a poisoned tunic; after wearing it, Hercules in agony threw Lichas into the sky
likeresemble, look like, take after
LimehouseLondon riverside area named after the lime-kilns there which processed chalk from Kent
lookbe watchful for, look after
losinginvolving some degree of loss
lossruin, detriment, deprivation [of honour]
lossperdition, destruction
losslosing, defeat, overthrow
Lucrece, Lucretia[lu'krees] legendary Roman heroine, 6th-c BC, who killed herself after being raped by Tarquin
markin an apologetic exclamation, after referring to something unpleasant
marringharm, detriment, loss
missinglyby being aware of absence, with a sense of loss
muddyat a loss, confused, all at sea
obsequiousdutiful [without suggesting servility]; appropriate after a death
outat a loss, put out, nonplussed; unable to remember one's lines
overlookingguardianship, looking after, custody
overriddenridden too hard, exhausted after too much riding
overseebe executor of, officially look after
Pegasuswinged horse which sprang from the body of Medusa after her death; he brought thunderbolts to Zeus
perditionloss, diminution, decrease
Philomel, Philomela[pron: 'filomel] daughter of Pandion, king of Athens; Tereus raped her and cut out her tongue, but she told the tale in her embroidery; the gods turned her into a nightingale after she took her revenge
presentlyafter a short time, soon, before long
preservekeep, maintain, look after
rearwardfollowing, immediately after
regardtend, look after, take care of
requestdemand, state of being sought after
Rhesus[pron: 'reesus] Thracian hero, famed for his horses; after fighting for one day in the Trojan War, Ulysses and Diomedes killed him in his tent at night, and stole the horses
sequentsequential, successive, one after another
sequestrationimprisonment, isolation; also: loss of property
Sinon[pron: 'siynon] spy who alerted the Greeks inside the Trojan horse after it had been taken into the citadel of Troy
solicitcourt, chase after, pursue
still-closingalways coming together [after being divided]
straitedat a loss, nonplussed, hard put
succeedfollow on, ensue, come after
successantlyin succession, one after another
swooningshown by fainting, marked by loss of the senses
tenderlook after, take care of
Thersites[pron: ther'siyteez] cowardly Greek, killed by Achilles after jeering at him
vendiblesaleable, marketable, sought-after
wantmiss, feel the loss of
wrackwreck, loss, shipwreck
zodiacbelt of the celestial sphere within which the sun, moon, and planets appear to move, divided into twelve equal domains [signs] named after constellations


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after thishereafter
after, immediatelyrearward
always coming together [after being divided]still-closing
another time, at [after now]anon
another, one aftersequent
another, one aftersuccessantly
ask after one's whereaboutsinquire
battlefield, knighthood conferred after prowess on theknight of the battle
beauty, loss ofdefeature
bill, unpaid after goods have been receivedafter-debt
call afterhallow
chase aftersolicit
clogged [of a pistol-barrel after firing]foul
come aftersucceed
death, appropriate after aobsequious
death, divine interrogation afterafter-inquiry
dessert, period afterafter-supper
dignity, loss ofderogation
dirty [of a pistol-barrel after firing]foul
divine interrogation after deathafter-inquiry
drinking milk produced after the birth of a calfbeest-eating
exhausted after too much ridingoverridden
follow aftercontinue
gaze afterafter-eye
heart, loss ofdiscomfort
hunt afterferret
involve the loss ofcost
knight whose honour was conferred after prowess on the battlefieldknight of the battle
knock given after othersafter-loss
lingering afterlag
look afterattend
look aftertender
look afterdress
look afterpreserve
look afterkeep
look afterregard
look afterhusband
look afterlook
look after officiallyoversee
look after wellcherish
looking afteroverlooking
loss of beautydefeature
loss of dignityderogation
loss of heartdiscomfort
loss of propertysequestration
loss of trade, suffering greatcustom-shrunk
loss of, involve thecost
loss, at aout
loss, at astraited
loss, at agravelled
loss, at amuddy
loss, feelwant
loss, involving some degree oflosing
loss, sense ofmissingly
milk produced after the birth of a calf, drinkingbeest-eating
officer who looks after estates forfeited to the crowncheater
one after anothersequent
one after anothersuccessantly
one after the othera-row
period after dessertafter-supper
property, loss ofsequestration
scent, loss offault
seek afterfollow
senses, marked by loss of theswooning
short time, after apresently
sought after, state of beingrequest
suffering great loss of tradecustom-shrunk
take afterlike
time, after a shortpresently
time, at another [after now]anon
trade, suffering great loss ofcustom-shrunk
unpaid bill after goods have been receivedafter-debt
well, look aftercherish

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