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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
All's Well That Ends WellAW V.iii.292She does abuse our ears. To prison with her.She does abuse our eares, to prison with her.
Antony and CleopatraAC V.ii.43Do not abuse my master's bounty bydo not abuse my Masters bounty, by
CymbelineCym I.vii.131Must not in haste abuse – if it be true,Must not in haste abuse) if it be true,
CymbelineCym IV.ii.351Unless my sins abuse my divination – (Vnlesse my sinnes abuse my Diuination)
HamletHam IV.vii.49Or is it some abuse, and no such thing?Or is it some abuse? Or no such thing?
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.iii.27Would turn their own perfection to abuse,Would turne their owne Perfection, to Abuse,
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.iv.307wilful abuse, and then I know how to handle you.wilfull abuse, and then I know how to handle you.
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.iv.308No abuse, Hal, o' mine honour, no abuse.No abuse (Hall) on mine Honor, no abuse.
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.iv.311No abuse, Hal.No abuse (Hal.)
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.iv.312No abuse?No abuse?
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.iv.313No abuse, Ned, i'th' world, honest Ned, none.No abuse (Ned) in the World: honest Ned none.
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.iv.318for it. No abuse, Hal; none, Ned, none: no, faith, boys,for it. No abuse (Hal:) none (Ned) none; no Boyes,
Henry IV Part 22H4 IV.ii.13Would he abuse the countenance of the king?Would hee abuse the Countenance of the King,
Henry VH5 II.chorus.32Th' abuse of distance, force a play.Th' abuse of distance; force a play:
Henry VH5 IV.viii.49It was ourself thou didst abuse.It was our selfe thou didst abuse.
Henry VI Part 11H6 II.iii.66Victorious Talbot, pardon my abuse.Victorious Talbot, pardon my abuse,
Henry VI Part 11H6 IV.i.69And give him chastisement for this abuse.And giue him chasticement for this abuse.
Henry VI Part 11H6 IV.v.41Yes, your renowned name; shall flight abuse it?Yes, your renowned Name: shall flight abuse it?
Henry VI Part 22H6 II.i.40In thine own person answer thy abuse.In thine owne person answere thy abuse.
Henry VI Part 22H6 V.i.92Knowing how hardly I can brook abuse?Knowing how hardly I can brooke abuse?
Henry VI Part 22H6 V.i.172Or wherefore dost abuse it, if thou hast it?Or wherefore doest abuse it, if thou hast it?
Henry VI Part 33H6 III.iii.188Did I let pass th' abuse done to my niece?Did I let passe th' abuse done to my Neece?
Henry VI Part 33H6 IV.i.13That they'll take no offence at our abuse.That they'le take no offence at our abuse.
Julius CaesarJC II.i.18Th' abuse of greatness is when it disjoinsTh'abuse of Greatnesse, is, when it dis-ioynes
Julius CaesarJC II.i.115The sufferance of our souls, the time's abuseThe sufferance of our Soules, the times Abuse;
King LearKL IV.vii.77Do not abuse me.Do not abuse me.
MacbethMac II.i.50Nature seems dead, and wicked dreams abuseNature seemes dead, and wicked Dreames abuse
Measure for MeasureMM III.ii.194goes about to abuse me.goes about to abuse me.
Measure for MeasureMM V.i.203This is a strange abuse. Let's see thy face.This is a strange abuse: Let's see thy face.
Measure for MeasureMM V.i.245To find out this abuse, whence 'tis derived.To finde out this abuse, whence 'tis deriu'd.
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW I.i.3John Falstaffs, he shall not abuse Robert Shallow,Iohn Falstoffs, he shall not abuse Robert Shallow
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW V.iii.7My husband will not rejoice so much at the abuse ofmy husband will not reioyce so much at the abuse of
OthelloOth I.iii.389After some time, to abuse Othello's earAfter some time, to abuse Othello's eares,
OthelloOth II.i.297Abuse him to the Moor in the rank garb –Abuse him to the Moore, in the right garbe
OthelloOth IV.ii.13Remove your thought: it doth abuse your bosom.Remoue your thought. It doth abuse your bosome:
OthelloOth IV.iii.59That there be women do abuse their husbandsThat there be women do abuse their husbands
OthelloOth V.i.123.1As you that thus abuse me.As you that thus abuse me.
PericlesPer I.i.127As with foul incest to abuse your soul;As with foule Incest to abuse your soule:
PericlesPer I.ii.38They do abuse the king that flatter him,They doe abuse the King that flatter him,
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iii.16Revolts from true birth, stumbling on abuse.Reuolts from true birth, stumbling on abuse.
The TempestTem V.i.112Or some enchanted trifle to abuse me,Or some inchanted triflle to abuse me,
Timon of AthensTim II.ii.52Hang him, he'll abuse us!Hang him, hee'l abuse vs.
Twelfth NightTN III.i.110A ring in chase of you. So did I abuseA Ring in chace of you. So did I abuse
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK V.i.89Abuse young lays of love. What godlike powerAbuse yong laies of love; what godlike power
The Winter's TaleWT IV.iv.350Interpretation should abuse and call thisInterpretation should abuse, and call this


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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
The Rape of LucreceLuc.864 Who in their pride do presently abuse it; Who in their pride do presently abuse it,
The Rape of LucreceLuc.1267 And who cannot abuse a body dead? And who cannot abuse a bodie dead?
The Rape of LucreceLuc.1315 Lest he should hold it her own gross abuse, Lest he should hold it her own grosse abuse,
The Rape of LucreceLuc.1655 Though my gross blood be stained with this abuse, Though my grosse bloud be staind with this abuse,
SonnetsSonn.4.5 Then, beauteous niggard, why dost thou abuse Then beautious nigard why doost thou abuse,
SonnetsSonn.42.7 And for my sake even so doth she abuse me, And for my sake euen so doth she abuse me,
SonnetsSonn.134.12 So him I lose through my unkind abuse. So him I loose through my vnkinde abuse.
Venus and AdonisVen.166 Things growing to themselves are growth's abuse. Things growing to them selues, are growths abuse,
Venus and AdonisVen.792 When reason is the bawd to lust's abuse! When reason is the bawd to lusts abuse.


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abusedeception, hoax, fraud
abusedeceive, mislead, fool, cheat
abuseoffence, wrong, insult, transgression
abusedemean, do wrong to, dishonour
abuseflouting, violation, improper use
abusecorrupt practice, wicked way
abusemisuse, maltreat, treat badly, wrong
abusemalign, revile, scorn
abusemisapply, employ badly
bearabuse, take advantage of, delude, deceive
caponcastrated cockerel; so: fool, dolt [as term of abuse]
cittern-head[term of abuse] cittern [type of guitar] with a grotesquely carved head
contumelyscorn, insult, abuse
cuckoldly[term of abuse] with the character of a cuckold
extorttorture, abuse, wring
factioninsult, dissension, abuse
floutinsult, abuse, mock
kitebird of prey; thieving bird [of ill omen; also, strong term of abuse]
misusedisgrace, deride, abuse
offendwrong, sin against, abuse
profanemisuse, abuse, maltreat
railingabuse, insulting speech, vilification
rebusemalapropism for ‘abuse
ronyon[term of abuse for a woman] mangy creature
self-abuseself-deception, self-delusion
shakeabuse violently, scold, lambaste
whelp[term of abuse] pup, son of a bitch
whoreson[son of a whore; serious or jocular term of abuse] fellow, bastard
yeoman[term of abuse] commoner, plebeian


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abuse violentlyshake
bastard [term of abuse]whoreson
pup [term of abuse]whelp
son of a bitch [term of abuse]whelp
violently abuseshake

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Discourse markers... fear me i tn iii i 111 so did i abuse / myself my servant and i fear me yo...

Words Families

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Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
ABUSEBASICabuse n, abuse v, abused adj, abusing adj, abusing n, rebuse v [malapropism]
ABUSESTATEself-abuse n


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