watch (v.) 1
stay awake, keep vigil
2H6 I.i.247 [York alone] Watch thou, and wake when others be asleep
2H6 III.i.110 [Gloucester to all] I have watched the night [i.e. during the night]
2H6 IV.vii.78 [Say to rebels] These cheeks are pale for watching for your good
3H6 V.vii.17 [Edward to his baby son] for thee, thine uncles and myself / Have in our armours watched the winter's night
Cym II.iv.68 [Iachimo to Posthumus, of Innogen's bedchamber] Had that was well worth watching
Cym V.v.53 [Cornelius to Cymbeline, of the Queen] she purposed / By watching ... to / O'ercome you with her show
Ham III.ii.282 [Hamlet to Horatio] For some must watch, while some must sleep
KJ IV.i.30 [Arthur to Hubert] I would you were a little sick, / That I might sit all night and watch with you
KL II.ii.153 [disguised Kent to Gloucester] I have watched and travelled hard
KL IV.vii.35 [Cordelia to Lear, of Lear on the heath] To watch, poor perdu, / With this thin helm
LLL III.i.197 [Berowne alone, of Rosaline] And I to sigh for her, to watch for her
Mac V.i.1 [Doctor to Gentlewoman] I have two nights watched with you
R2 II.i.77 [John of Gaunt to King Richard] For sleeping England long time have I watched
RJ IV.iv.9 [Capulet to Nurse] I have watched ere now / All night for lesser cause
Sonn 61.13 [] For thee watch I, whilst thou dost wake elsewhere
TG II.i.23 [Speed to Valentine] you have learned ... to watch, like one that fears robbing
TG IV.ii.136 [disguised Julia to Host] it hath been the longest night / That e'er I watched
Tit III.i.5 [Titus to Tribunes and Senators] For all the frosty nights that I have watched
TNK V.ii.9 [Wooer to Doctor, of the Gaoler's Daughter] Then she told me / She would watch with me tonight
TS IV.i.191 [Petruchio alone, of Katherina] she shall watch all night
TS V.ii.149 [Katherina to Widow, of her husband's role] To watch the night in storms
Ven 584 [Venus to Adonis] my sick heart commands mine eyes to watch